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Box and Yard Trees
June 2014
All trees listed as #1 Grade are offered to you in forms which are
typical for their species.

Unfortunately, a few of our trees defy nature's and our best efforts and are not looking their best at the moment.
Experience tells us that time will erase any defects, making these trees a valuable addition to any landscape.
We offer these few trees at a discount from our regular price list.
Availability for these trees follow the #1 Grade Tree listing.
Harvest and Shipping Facts

All Box Grown Trees are grown in

2' X 2' X 18" wooden boxes. 

For shipping, the trees are removed from the boxes and placed in a custom designed and sewn, square burlap bag. 


1.5" & 1.75" trees are dug with a 24" root ball.  About 120* per semi.

2" trees are dug with a 30" root ball.  About 100* per semi.

2.5" trees are dug with a 32" root ball

About 65* per semi.

3 & 3.5" trees are dug with a 36" root ball

About 45* per semi

4 & 4.5" trees are dug with a 44" root ball

About 25* per semi.

5 & 5.5" trees are dug with a 55" root ball

About 12* per semi.


All trees are shipped with a custom sewn trunk protector.


* based on a truck load of all the same sized root balls.  Larger headed trees reduce the numbers per truck.
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#1 Grade Trees
Economy Grade Trees
Location Key
Each tree has a location within our growing areas and are designated as Box, F (Field) or Y (Yard).
Box trees are grown in boxes
Field trees are field grown and are harvested B&B in either spring or fall.
Yard trees were field grown, then harvested B&B and are heeled in our holding yard for immediate sales.