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As tree information is being recorded in the field, we strongly suggest the tree be marked as to its size and grade.
We use a color code system to mark our trees and have chosen to use simple, colored plastic rings, or "Tree Rings" to mark the trees. Later, when a tree is to be tagged for harvesting, the Tree Ring is removed and re-used.
Colors remain stable for up to several years.
The Calipro II Tree Inventory System can be purchased for $1950.00

Tree Rings are available in 10 colors and can be purchased for $82.00 per 1000 rings.
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Upgraded from the original, the Calipro II (Windows based) is very user friendly. Through the Calipro II software, you create your own data base of tree varieties, product codes, and locations.
Connect the Calipro II device to the computer and transfer your varieties, codes, and locations to the device. Once in the field, the location and variety menus are displayed on the Calipro II screen, choose the variety and location you will be inventorying.
Using the Calipro II device, measure the tree, choose the grade (A, B or 0), click the enter button and go to the next tree. When switching to a new variety or location, choose again from the menu and continue gathering the inventory information.
When finished, connect the Calipro II device to the computer and transfer the inventory information to the Calipro II program. That information can be exported to Microsoft Excel, for manipulation or for transfer to any inventory program which is compatible with Excel.
*Calipro II operates on 1, 9 volt battery, which will last up to 72 hours.

*Calipro II measures in
.25" increments to 6"
or in 5 mm increments to 160 mm.