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Silver Creek Nurseries, Inc. * P.O. Box 1988 * Manitowoc, WI * 54221-1988
Phone: 920-684-1225 * Toll Free: 888-858-9927 (customers only)
FAX: 920-684-6267 *
The seeds for Silver Creek Nurseries were sown in 1959 by Richard "Dick" Sleep. Today, the company is owned and operated by his wife Jane and stepson Jeff Edgar.
We offer our plants and equipment only to licensed Nursery Dealers and Growers in Wisconsin and green industry customers in other states and Canada.
Out of all the nurseries in Wisconsin, we are one of the few who are purely wholesale. You are our only customer - there's no need to fight retail customers or a landscape division for the plants you need. We are among the few growers of our type in Wisconsin who start many of their own trees and shrubs from cuttings, grafts and seeds.
We are among the very few in the nursery business whom initiate and support plant and planting methods research, through our own programs or in conjunction with outside researchers.
We currently serve or have served on several local, state and national industry and educational advisory boards; working with others to help raise the professional level of the green industry for today and tomorrow.
Nobody else in this industry has invented a machine and process to bring the method of taking inventory of nursery grown trees out of the dark ages.
We invented, manufacture and market the
Calipro Tree Inventory System. U.S. patent #5,884,240.
Nobody else in this area of the country grows trees in boxes. Not only does this increase the short and long term survival of trees, but it also greatly reduces the carbon foot print of the trees we produce. All the materials are re-used or recycled - no plastic!
Nobody else is working to re-introduce historically important trees to the public.
Within a year, we will have apple trees available which have been traced back to
Sir Isaac Newton.
Soon to follow, will be more apple trees which can be traced back to
John "Johnny Appleseed" Chapman.
Nobody else in this industry has initiated an industry wide forum to freely discuss important business issues, ask questions or give advice. We started and administer the Wisconsin Green Industry Professionals Network on Linkedin.
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Finding the plants you need is most important. We understand we don't grow everything, so we helped to create a website where growers can list plants, buyers can post want lists and much more.