Our Plants

Box-Grown Trees

All Box Grown Trees are grown in 2′ X 2′ X 18″ wooden boxes.

For shipping, the trees are removed from the boxes and placed in a custom designed and sewn, square burlap bag.

1.5″ & 1.75″ trees are dug with a 24″ root ball. About 120* per semi.

2″ trees are dug with a 30″ root ball. About 100* per semi. 2.5″ trees are dug with a 32″ root ball. About 65* per semi.

3 & 3.5″ trees are dug with a 36″ root ball. About 45* per semi.

4 & 4.5″ trees are dug with a 44″ root ball. About 25* per semi.

5 & 5.5″ trees are dug with a 55″ root ball. About 12* per semi.

All trees are shipped with a custom sewn trunk protector.

* Based on a truck load of all the same sized root balls. Larger headed trees reduce the numbers per truck.


Fruit Trees Of History

Every plant has a story about how they may have been discovered or developed. Some stories are interesting,
while some are quite ordinary.

These fruit trees offer connections to people who have had a profound impact on history of their country and the world.
Touch these trees and you touch the past. Taste the fruit of these trees and enjoy the flavor of history.

We are honored and very proud to grow these special trees, which will only be available in limited numbers. We hope you and your customers will share the same pride and reverence for these trees as we do.