Fall 2018 Availability and Specials!

August 2018 Retail PC Availabilty List

August 2018 Retail Box Availabilty

These are larger trees grown in boxes.  At the time of sale, the trees are removed from their growing boxes and placed in a square burlap bag.  There are many advantages to growing trees in boxes.  There is no limited harvest time, which means the trees are available when you want them.  The trees also produce a better root system than a traditional round plastic container grown tree, which potentially can produce a girdling root system.  This could choke the tree later in life or even cause the tree to blow down easier in strong winds.  We also save on plastic, by reusing the wooden boxes for the next crop of trees.  Transplant shock is greatly reduced.  No precious farm soils are lost using this production method and less fossil fuels are needed too.

B&B Final Closeout September 2018

Don’t worry!  The final closeout of the B&B trees doesn’t mean the nursery is closing out.  We’re switching totally to producing larger trees in boxes.  Better for the trees!  Better for the environment!!