City of Manitowoc Tree for a Tree Program Tree List for 2024. Exchange Coupon needed for each tree picked up. (Red Jewel Crab is gone) Because of several instances the program will be extended for another 2 weeks during our summer hours M-F, 8-4 or by appointment

Red Jewel Flowering Crab: 4′ Red Jewel flowering crab tree is a great choice for year round interest in the landscape. It has an upright, pyramidal shape with single white flowers in spring, followed by bright red, 1/2″ persistent fruits in fall. Spring and summer leaf color is green, turning yellow in fall. It’s also resistant to common diseases. The tree will get about 12-15′ tall by 8-12′ wide. 0 available.

Red Barron Flowering Crab: 4′ Red Barron is a nice size flowering crab for the smaller landscape. It has a narrow column shape when young, maturing to somewhat vase shaped. The foliage emerges purple and fades to bronze, green. The flowers are single and a dark red color. The fruit is 1/2″ in diameter, very dark red, and persistent. It’s also resistant to common diseases. The tree will get about 12-15′ tall by 6-8′ wide. Only 20 available.

New Harmony Elm: 4′ New harmony is a highly Dutch Elm disease-resistant American Elm that has been tested by the U.S. National Arboretum. This variety is a very urban savvy tree that exhibits the old American Elm Form. Upright, vase-shaped tree with an arching form. Dark green leaves turn yellow in fall. The tree will get about 50-70′ tall and wide. Only 20 available.

Kentucky Coffee Tree: 5′ + Kentucky Coffee Tree. The leaves are considered bipinnately compound, which lends a fern-like texture to the tree. Starting out as an “Ugly Duckling”, the tree quickly develops into a majestic and wide spreading form. It’s virtually bullet proof and is free of any major pests. 6″ long seed pods can develop as the tree ages, but the seeds aren’t usually able to sprout. 40-50′ tall by 30-40′ wide. Many available!

All the trees are produced in WI and are hardy for our climate!

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